Committees & Member Engagement

Help build a great future for architecture and interior design in Alberta!

By contributing your time to AAA committees, you enhance your professional standing, influence the profession and make valuable contacts. Volunteers can also earn additional PD LHs! Volunteer now.
AAA members invest in the professions of architecture and interior design by volunteering their time and energy to committees. The following committees perform various functions.

The Advocacy Committee explores how the AAA may promote and advocate for the professions of architecture and interior design. The Advocacy Committee recently finalized a high-level action plan to pursue strategic advocacy initiatives on behalf of members. Read the Executive Summary here.

The next phase of this advocacy master plan will be the immediate creation of three ‘task force’ sub-committees, which are seeking volunteers. Click the below links for the Terms of Reference for the committee and each Task Force:
The Banff Session Committee provides guidance and feedback on the planning of the bi-annual Banff Session conference.

The Complaints Review Committee handles complaints submitted to the AAA and conducts investigations.

The Interior Design Advisory Committee provides leadership, advice and feedback on the interior design profession in Alberta.

The Interior Design Legislation Task Force is responsible for reviewing the portions of the Architects Act, General Regulation and AAA Bylaws that relate to the profession of interior design and to make recommendations related to proposed changes for governing legislation.

The Joint Board of Practice develops policy procedures and material for inter-professional relationships such as standards and criteria in the field of building design and construction. 

The Legislation Committee handles the review and update of the Architects Act and General Regulation with the help of the Legislation Review Task Forces.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the annual Council elections and the appointments for all internal and external committees.

The Practice Advisory Committee provides advice and issues documents pertaining to the practice of architecture and interior design.

The Practice Review Board undertakes inquiries into issues of general practice concern while developing and maintaining standards, guidelines and resources on matters of practice compentency.

The Professional Development Advisory Committee provides advice and feedback on the professional education portfolio.

The Registration Committee considers applications for licensure, conducts interviews and develops and implements guidelines.