Election Process & Timelines

The Council election is a multi-step process that follows the timelines as set forth in the Bylaws and begins in early January when nominations (self-candidacy) open and continue until 90 days before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Those interested in running for Council would indicate their interest and be required to complete a candidate profile form with pertinent information and a photo which would be posted on this website so that voting members may make an informed decision as to whom to vote for.

In 2019, the Alberta Association of Architects moved towards a competency-based model for recruitment in order to guide candidates in making their decision to run for Council. Competencies include:
  • Experience with AAA committees and/or boards
  • Experience with other boards and governance
  • Understanding of the role of the AAA as a regulatory body
  • Ability to commit the time required to serve on Council

Election by Acclamation

When the number of candidates nominated equal the number of vacancies, the nominees will be considered elected by acclamation. Should this take place, an election would not be required and an announcement would be sent by the President to all voting members indicating that the nominees have been acclaimed.

Voting Opens/Closes

Voting opens at least 30 days prior to the date of the AGM.

The AAA uses an online voting system that is integrated with our member database. This system ensures voter confidentiality and that members are unable to vote more than once.

Voting closes at noon, five days before the date of the AGM.

Scrutineers and Secrecy

Scrutineers consist of a Past President as well as two other voting members who meet after voting closes for the purpose of counting ballots.

The scrutineers, and any other person requested to be present during the counting of the ballots, will keep the results secret until the President announces the results of the election at the AGM.

Tie Vote

In the event of a tie vote, any Past President will cast a vote to break the tie.

Election Results Certified

The scrutineers will prepare a list of the elected candidates and certify the results as correct upon determining the results of the election.

Names Announced at the AGM

The current President will announce the names of the newly elected/re-elected or acclaimed Council members at the AGM.

Destruction of Election Records

At the AGM, the President will call for a motion from the voting members in attendance to destroy ballots as well as associated election records and material.