Running for Council

The AAA is a self-governing professional association legislated by the Architects Act. The AAA serves the public and its members by administering the standard of practice for the professions of architecture and licensed interior design in Alberta.  

The AAA Council is an empowered body that is ultimately responsible to the Ministry of Labour to ensure compliance with the Architects Act. The Council sets direction for the AAA while meeting regulatory obligations and ensuring necessary resources are available. The Council has a duty to:
  • Set direction in accordance with the AAA's vision, mission and values
  • Meet regulatory obligations established by the Architects Act, General Regulation and bylaws.
  • Provide accountability through oversight
  • Conduct effective operations by governing and communicating with transparency, accountability and integrity toward all stakeholders.

Ex-Officio non-voting members of Council consist of one of each of the following: Licensed Interior Designer, Intern Architect, Intern Interior Designer (who are appointed by Council), as well as representatives from the University of Calgary’s SAPL, Mount Royal University’s Department of Interior Design, Athabasca University’s RAIC Centre for Architecture and the AAA’s Executive Director.

By participating on Council, you strengthen the profession’s capacity to self-regulate, and act in the public interest to ensure members maintain the standards of competency and conduct within the profession.

The Councillor's Role

As a Councillor, you will participate in the decision-making that charts the direction of the AAA. Council must govern the AAA and the professions according to the rules set out by the Architects Act, General Regulation, and Bylaws, always keeping the public interest in mind.

Why Be a Member of Council?

Being on Council is an opportunity to share your expertise and help shape the future of the professions. It also allows you to learn about other aspects of the professions, regulation, the AAA’s structure, as well as numerous programs and services. Through participation on Council, you will also gain skills in leadership and governance.


Councillors are volunteers and are reimbursed for expenditures related to attending Council meetings or events.

Time Commitments

Council meets six times per year, generally in either Calgary or Edmonton. Meetings typically run six or seven hours with an additional two days per year for strategic planning at Think Tank. Additional time is also required for meeting preparation and project work as well as events in which Council members are encouraged to attend and/or represent the AAA. Some Council members also participate on committees which requires extra time. 

Please note, due to Covid-19, Council meetings are being held virtually.

Council Terms

Architects and the LID voting members serve two-year terms. Outbound Council members must be re-elected to serve additional terms.

The LID ex-officio, non-voting member, also serves a two-year term, up to a maximum of three terms, and is appointed by Council.

The intern members on Council each serve a one-year term and are both appointed by Council.

One Council term is from the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) one year to the AGM two years later. One Council year is one year from the date of the AGM to the date of the following AGM.


Voting members in good standing are eligible to serve on Council. Voting members are Registered Architects, Licensed Interior Designers, and practicing Life Members.