Duggan House

The J. J. Duggan Residence is a two-storey red-brick building built in 1907. Situated in Edmonton's Strathcona neighbourhood, the building commands a panoramic vision of the North Saskatchewan River and the downtown core.

Born in Ontario in 1868, J. J. Duggan immigrated to western Canada in his early 20s. When South Edmonton was incorporated as a town in 1899 and renamed Strathcona, Duggan sat on the first Town Council and served as Mayor several times throughout the early 1900’s. In 1907, Duggan built a stately new residence in Strathcona where he lived with his family until 1931.

The AAA moved into Duggan House in 1978 and it was recognized by the Province of Alberta as a Provincial Historic Resource on August 31, 1982. Duggan House has been renovated several times since then, with a major renovation completed in 2012. In 2013 the City of Edmonton granted Duggan House status as a Municipal Historic Resource.