Chances are you’re not the only one wondering about the member bylaw amendment consultation. This FAQ page is being regularly updated with information regarding the consultation process itself (how do I vote?) and details about the proposed bylaw changes (why should we increase the number of council members?). We encourage you to submit your questions to [email protected] or via the online form. We will work to answer and post as many FAQs as possible.
The AAA has been working to get our legislation changed for many years. Will it be as difficult to effect change in our bylaws?
What are the bylaws and how do they fit with other legislation?
Are there restriction to what the bylaws can do?
When was the last time significant change was made to our bylaws?
Which members will have access to the information, the ability to contribute feedback to the association and ultimately vote on whether the changes are approved?
How do I get informed on the proposed bylaw changes?
How do I give feedback on the proposed bylaw changes?
What is the due date for all feedback submissions?
How do I vote?
Why are paper ballots no longer an option? Will this limit voter choice and opportunity?
Do I get to vote for the individual bylaw changes or the proposal as a whole?

Proposed Bylaw Changes
Why is a bylaw being proposed that increases registered architects’ representation and not LIDs?
How will increasing Council numbers assist the membership?
Why is the Vice President position being eliminated?
Why are we proposing to eliminate the Executive Committee.
Why are we proposing to eliminate the Nominating Committee.

Professional Liability Insurance
Why do we need Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)?

Council Election Process
Why can't membership vote for a president?

General Membership Post-Nominal
Why are we no longer allowing Student Members to use the AAA post-nominal affiliation from their title?
No current housekeeping Q & A

AAA members are invited to provide feedback on the bylaw review recommendations noted on this website. ​

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