The information below shows how seven motions have been created to split up the amendments so that members have more than an all or nothing choice.
Motion 1 [Tie votes & U of C Program Name]
Motion 2 [Council Nominations Process] *UPDATED*
Motion 3 [Council Election Procedures]
Motion 4 [Governance Changes] *UPDATED*
Motion 5 [Membership Categories]
Motion 6 [Renumbering Part 16 to facilitate the addition of a bylaw requiring Professional Liability Insurance]
Motion 7 [Professional Liability Insurance]

Voting Instructions

  1. Voting members (Registered Architects, Licensed Interior Designers and Restricted Practitioners) will receive an email from the AAA on Monday, December 7 with a link unique to their email address. This link will allow voting members to access the survey and vote on the proposed bylaw amendments.

    Please complete the survey only once as additional responses will be scrubbed to maintain equal representation.

  2. A reminder email will be sent on Thursday, December 10 to those voting members who have not yet completed the survey. Voting members will have until 12 pm MST (noon) on Friday, December 11 to complete the survey.

  3. Following the close of the survey on Friday, December 11 duplicate responses will be scrubbed and results will be tabulated. Members will receive an email announcing the voting results on December 17. The results will also be published on the bylaw amendment section of the AAA website and in the January Bulletin.

Privacy disclaimer: A limited number of AAA staff will have access to raw survey data including members’ names and email address which will be associated to their responses to the survey. This data will be password protected to limit access. These AAA staff will anonymize survey data and share only numerical totals with the broader association including additional AAA staff, Council, membership at large and broader public.

AAA members are invited to provide feedback on the bylaw review recommendations noted on this website. ‚Äč

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