To assist in creating a strategy-focused, high-performing governing body that can serve the membership in the most efficient way possible, amendments to the current bylaws of the AAA were proposed.

The online bylaw amendments voting system was available to voting members from December 7-11, 2020. Upon closing of the voting system at noon on December 11, the electronic voting report was reviewed and verified by scrutineers appointed by the AAA Council as per Part 12 Remote Vote of the Bylaws.

It is my distinct pleasure to share the results with the membership.
Motions  Support  Do Not
1. Indicate your position on Motion 1 (Tie votes & U of C Program Name). 241 24
2. Indicate your position on Motion 2 (Council Nominations Process). 257 9
3. Indicate your position on Motion 3 (Council Election Procedures). 258 7
4. Indicate your position on Motion 4 (Governance Changes). 252 14
5. Indicate your position on Motion 5 (Membership Categories). 256 8
6. Indicate your position on Motion 6 (Renumbering Part 16 to facilitate the addition of a bylaw requiring Professional Liability Insurance). 243 24
7. Indicate your position on Motion 7 (Professional Liability Insurance). 233 34

As is evident by the vote tallies, there was overwhelming support for the amendments presented. These amendments will help modernize the AAA’s governance, enhance the association's effectiveness, and eliminate outdated elements of the bylaws that cause confusion and delay. As per Part 17 Coming into Force of the Bylaws, these amendments are effective immediately. The amended Bylaws document has been issued and is posted below as well as on the Ethics and Legislation page.

For more information about the bylaw amendments, please visit Bylaw Amendments & Motions on the AAA website.

If you have questions or concerns about the above-noted results, please send an email to [email protected].

Gordon Murray, President

AAA Bylaws

Last Modified: 11/24/2021

AAA Bylaws with amendments approved by the membership December 11, 2020

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