Legislation update


The Legislation Committee is responsible for the review of the Architects Act and General Regulation. The committee oversees and strikes task forces on specific issues as needed; these task forces are then chaired by members of this committee. The Legislation Committee reviews reports received from the task forces and makes recommendations to Council regarding the Act and General Regulation.

While the work of many of the task forces is complete, several remain available to investigate issues as they arise. Please see the task force page for more information on the task forces that are currently active.

The Legislation Committee will ensure there is member communication and outreach with both AAA members and external stakeholders on all proposed changes, and that potential revisions are reviewed with government representatives as required. The committee is tasked with preparing the recommended revisions in documents for presentation and approval by the members. 


History and Current Work

The AAA Legislation Committee has been active since 2012, when the AAA was requested by the Government of Alberta, to update the Architects Act and General Regulation. Numerous task forces were established to review the various components of the Act that needed to be revisited. After our membership voted on the 13 Guiding Principles in the spring of 2014, the committee has been developing these principles into a concrete framework to present to the government. 

The original request that we revisit our Act came from the previous government. Since the spring of 2015, we have been working with a new government, with new priorities to consider. The review of our Act has certainly slowed down as a result of the change in government. We no longer have an identified date for when our proposed Act will go before the Legislative Assembly. AAA administration have monthly meetings the Professional Governance Branch of the Ministry of Labour, negotiating and preparing the necessary documentation required to have the proposed changes to the Act ready to go before the Legislative Assembly.

With the slow down in getting the changes to our Act approved, the AAA was faced with the issue of our General Regulation expiring in October of 2018.  In June of 2018 the membership voted and approved a three-year extension to our Architects Act andGeneral Regulation. The extension was subsequently approved by the Lieutenant Governor via an Order in Council on July 10, 2018.


Current Legislation Committee

  • Patti Swanson, Architect, AAA - Chair, Legislation Committee
  • Marty Hodgson, Architect, AAA - Chair, Complaints Task Force
  • Randy Krebes, Architect, AAA - Chair, Practice Review Task Force
  • Judith MacDougall, Architect, AAA - Co-Chair, Title, Scope and Allied Professions Task Force
  • Dale Taylor, Architect, AAA - Co-Chair, Title, Scope and Allied Professions Task Force
  • Jan Pierzchajlo, Architect, AAA - Chair, Practice Entities Task Force
  • Natasha Jalbert, Licensed Interior Designer, AAA - Chair, Interior Design Legislation Task Force


If you would like to provide feedback, or if you have questions regarding the Legislation Review, please contact legreview@aaa.ab.ca.