Task Forces

While the work of many of the task forces is complete, they remain available to investigate issues as they arise. The following task forces are still active and are involved in developing the changes to the Act based on the 13 guiding principles.


Interior Design Legislation Task Force

This is a newly formed task force. The goal of the task force is to identify and resolve legislation issues facing the entire interior design community in Alberta. Additionally, this task force is looking at the possibility of amalgamating Registered Interior Designers (RID) members of the Interior Designers of Alberta, with the Licensed Interior Designers (LID) already included in the AAA.


Practice Entities Task Force

This task force is looking at clarifications and modernization of different categories of allowable practice entities in Alberta. Additionally they are working to clarify the current language regarding stamps and seals within the Act, General Regulation and AAA Bylaws. Due to a recent application for a license with the AAA of a joint engineering and architecture firm, this task force will need to revisit the proposed changes to the legislation in terms of joint firms.


Title Scope, and Allied Professions

Discussions are underway with the Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) to establish membership categories within the AAA to include architectural technologists.  Additionally, discussions with Alberta Municipal Affairs are ongoing regarding proposed exclusions in the Alberta Building Code.


Complaints Task Force

This task force continues to be available to answer questions related to the complaint process of the AAA in terms of best practices of other self-regulating professions in Canada.


Task Force Volunteers

The following volunteers have contributed an enormous amount of hours towards the development of the 13 guiding principles that have informed the legislative framework being prepared for presentation to the Ministry of Labour. 
Practice Review Task Force
Randy Krebes, Task Force Chair
Rob Copeland
Kari Anne Gaume
Henry Howard
Ahemd Aref
Salvador Ibarra
Martin Jones
John Lovell
Brian Oakley
Darryl Rewniak
Joint Board of Practice
Robert Spaetgens, Task Force Chair
Gordon Murray
Rod Crocker
Amarpreet Dawar
Anurag Jain
Title, Scope & Allied Professions Task Force
Judith MacDougall, Task Force Co-Chair
Dale Taylor, Task Force Co-Chair
Stephen Barnecut
Ali Famili
Michele Gunn
Chris Kourouniotis
Robert Labonte
Peter Osborne
Scott Pickles
Darryl Rewniak
Keir Stuhlmiller
Devon Skinner
Beverly Wilson
Cameron Gillies
Practice Support Program
Darryl Rewniak, Task Force Chair
Suzanne Allard
Ahamd Aref
Perry L. Bergum
Kari Anne Gaume
Henry Howard
Salvador Ibarra
Randy Krebes
John Lovell
Michael Woodland
Practice Entities Task Force
Jan Pierzchajlo, Task Force Chair
Robert Bennett
Tom Cerkvenac
Mark Chambers
Naomi Minja
Grace Coulter
Complaints/Competency Task Force
Marty Hodgson, Task Force Chair
Greg Beck
Dean Benvenuto
Stephanie Clancy
Don Davidson
Mike Dowler
Michael Dub
James Dykes
Rob Rabinovitch
Registration Task Force
David Murray, Task Force Co-Chair
Robert Bennett, Task Force Co-Chair
Todd Brooks
Stephanie Clancy
Christine Green
John Hallett
Henry Howard
Grant Moore
Elizabeth Songer
Avery Temofychuk
Professional Liability Task Force
Doug Campbell, Task Force Chair
Donna Assaly
Stephen Bugbee
Amir Hemani
Robert Labonte
Farhad Mortezaee
Doug Ramsey