Message from the Chair of the Legislation Review Committee

February 1, 2020 - The AAA Legislation Committee has been active since 2012 when the AAA was requested by the Government of Alberta to update the Architects Act and General Regulation. Since then, the AAA has navigated its way through three different governments with three very different philosophies and sets of priorities.  

A considerable amount of work has been done towards legislative renewal in the past eight years by both volunteers and AAA administration, but unfortunately, we still do not have a new Act in place. Many factors have contributed to the slow pace of progress, including the very nature of this process itself; changing faces within AAA administration; changing faces within the Ministry of Labour; and changing leadership at the elected level. 

For quite some time, the update to the Architects Act was in line behind a number of other pieces of legislation being put forward by professional regulatory bodies. The Regulated Forestry Profession Act (drafted in 2017 and proclaimed in 2019) was the last legislation to be amended for a self-regulatory profession. 

The good news is that the Architects Act is now on the short list of professional regulation to be updated. Unfortunately, in the past year government priorities have shifted to the point that currently the Ministry has no resources available for legislative review, nor have we been given any sense of when they may be willing to look at our proposed changes.

The current General Regulation has an expiry date of October 21, 2021. Later this year we will likely work with the government to extend the expiry date or remove the date altogether in order to keep our regulation in effect. 

In the meantime, the AAA is putting forward updated information on our website for our membership and other industry stakeholders.

On this website you will find current information on the 13 Guiding Principles that our membership voted on in 2014, and the policy decisions that have been made related to each of those principles. These decisions, in turn, have been framing the conversations between AAA and government and will ultimately lead to the drafting of the legislation itself. 

I encourage you to review the policy decisions on this website and provide the AAA with any feedback you have so that your comments can be gathered and included in the information provided to the Government of Alberta as we work through this process.

Thank you to the many volunteers on the legislation task forces and for all of our members who have provided such valuable input to this process. We continue to work towards renewed legislation that first and foremost serves the public, but also will allow the AAA to do a better job of regulating the professions and providing value to our membership.


Patti Swanson, Architect, AAA
Chair, Legislation Review Committee
Architects Act, General Regulation, Bylaws and Policies:
What's the Difference?
Architects Act
  • The Architects Act is legislation governing the practice of architecture and licensed interior design in Alberta.
  • Updates are written by government staff, after negotiations with the AAA.
  • Updates and revisions to Acts must be approved by the Legislative Assembly and receive Royal Assent.
  • Once an Act is established, it is not likely to be reviewed again for many years.

General Regulation
  • General Regulation is "Subordinate legislation" which accomplishes the purpose of the Architect Act.
  • Updates are written by government staff, after negotiations with the AAA.
  • Changes to regulations require government ratification and a majority of AAA voting members' approval, and can be made more frequently than the Act.

  • The Bylaws work in conjunction with the Architects Act and General Regulation and can provide further details as to the regulations. 
  • Developed by the AAA through consultation with AAA members. The AAA is bound by its Bylaws.
  • Changes to Bylaws can be made as AAA membership deems necessary.

  • Policies outline how the Architects Act and General Regulation and Bylaws will be enacted.
  • Council sets policies and communicates them through practice bulletins and other means.

AAA members and other stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the policy recommendations noted on this website. ‚Äč

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