Our Ethics and Legislation

AAA members and administration look to our legislation and associated documents to ensure we meet our duty to responsibly maintain the integrity of the professions and protect the public.

Architects Act

The Architects Act establishes the AAA as a self-governing professional regulatory organization and specifies the scope of practice for AAA members and details such matters as member application, registration, licensure, conduct and discipline.


General Regulation

The General Regulation sets out the criteria respecting the academic qualifications of and training requirements for applicants for registration as RAs and LIDs. It outlines registration procedures, eligibility requirements, practice regulations and the complaints process.



The Bylaws govern the administration of the AAA including elections, the Council, fees and other elements of day-to-day operations.


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is enshrined in the General Regulation and sets out the standard of professional conduct expected of AAA members.