Our Role

Professions are created by provincial legislation to protect the public by ensuring only qualified professionals are permitted to practice their occupation. The Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) is a self-governing professional association legislated by the Architects Act. The AAA serves the public and its members by administering the standard of practice for the professions of architecture and interior design in Alberta.

“Architect” and "Licensed Interior Designer" are restricted titles under the Architects Act, meaning only registered or licensed members of the Association, with appropriate education, practical experience and certification may use the title Architect or Licensed Interior Designer or any of their variations.

Member Programs Ensure Public Safety 

  1. The AAA maintains a disciplinary system called the Complaint Review Process to address instances where a member of the AAA has not upheld the standards set by legislation and administered by the Association.
  2. The AAA’s mandatory Professional Development (PD) Program ensures that members remain current in an everchanging industry. The AAA offers opportunities each year for its members to obtain this training and network with their fellow professionals.
  3. The AAA produces and distributes guides to assist members in their practice of architecture and interior design, including Practice Advisories and Bulletins. The AAA also publishes documents for use by the public and client groups. 
The AAA represents the interests of the professions by engaging with government, industry and the public on topics including construction safety, urban renewal and the environment.